KABUKI UPDATE

These are my thoughts in creating the characters, where they came from and what they mean to me in their development.  I have also included info from those who have developed characters to answer the question of keeping true to their creation.  

Croc Roc (you must think of him as a living legend) is a diversified company with many areas of development in branding/licensing and marketing of eight characters in “Tunesville” with Croc Roc being the main focus (see the Croc Roc story.) We welcome those groups or individuals who can see our vision and would like to grow with us to develop a great working/business relationship in making a difference to make dreams come true. Below is a brief summation of our approach in developing Croc Roc and the characters.

 (PPV3 link below for the business plan and Legend story.)


Link: Croc Roc Presentation

1.) Live stage show/3D animated movie

2.) Concert series

3.) Media

4.) Toys and collectibles

5.) Animatronics USB “Play and learn toys”

6.) Games Internet/platform

7.) “Music based”learning apps

8.) Social media games

9.) Books, audio books and ebooks

10.) Interactive adventures

11.) Interactive learning toys

12.) Story creation software with music maker




“The Notes have Eyes to the Colours on Canvas of our Dreams”


I believe you will enjoy where we are going with regards to Croc Roc and the Croc Roc Academy of Sciences, we are developing the Croc Roc company in many areas of entertainment (always with an educational theme) “Croc Roc, The Life, The Legend, The Rock “n” Roll”, movie/stage version.

I have rewritten the Legend story to add more diverse adventure with the kids. We would like to discuss the possibilities with major artists in bringing their talent in voice overs, singing and instrumentation.


We have a dream list of those we would like to consider Elton John, Julian Lennon, Taylor Swift, Norah Jones, Johnny Lang, Bruno Mars among others. As well as the support of major artist in the production of the movie, apps, games (proceeds for the stage version revert back to the Charity and any group we enter business with has to donate 1% to the Charity). Croc Roc’s has three comeback songs entitled “Rockin Under a Crooked Moon”, “Red Boogie Shoes” and a piano piece entitled “Winds of Autumn”.


I have licensed the rights to the Charity to use the logo, characters and name which gives us a crossover effect in promoting both entities, as we move forward we are looking to build the first Academy building  an all wooden structure which will be the first one to be built the in the US, we also have a renowned architect Michael Rotondi to bring phase one of the design that will be built in Hollywood on Sunset working with Brian Folb of Hollywood Offices (owns the property) and the Chamber of Commerce who wants the family element there. The building will have offices, class rooms, a small auditorium for performances and a real Croc Roc Cafe to support it with merchandising.


The classes would be filtered down into the schools or homes and we will provide the student instruments/computers etc., and will follow them through their entire schooling as long as they continue their vocation.


It is our mission to give children of all ages the opportunity to fulfill their goals and dreams in music and arts, where our schools have been depleted of those courses, we will make a difference.

Croc Roc (the company) Agenda:

1).  3-minute Sizzle Reel of 3D animation of “Red Boogie Shoes”. We will develop/write a synopsis of the music video. It can be used along with the movie/stage/tv script to show the overall characters. The short synopsis: Croc is sitting at the piano in the cafe and looks over at his display case where his red tennis shoes as an idea flashed through his head as he ambles over to open it up, tries them on.  He then begins to almost dance on air back to the piano and begins laying out the beginnings of “Red Boogie Shoes”. The kids are outside the cafe listening, they step inside and pick-up their instruments with a guest on drums, as they begin laying out some unheard of licks.


2).  Script for 3D animated movie/stage version/augmented reality/tv of the “Croc Roc, The Life, The Legend, The Rock “n” Roll” story.


3).  Website continuous reconstruction improvements: character development, games “Croc Roc’s Chart Beat” and “Bubba’s Gabble Foozle”. Reality shows “Lela May Show” along with Molly, she discusses subjects such as helping the homeless, the environment, safety, and Captain Rudy’s Safety Patrol for children causes among others. Then there is “The Woodie Show” where he and JoJo have guests like Bill Gates, Steven Hawking, among others on new technology, space frontier, energy, history, medicine, nanotechnology, stem cell research and other new advances around the world etc.


4).  Branding/licensing: this where we will make the most profit (the movie profits are small, but the merchandising is most important to negotiate): plush toys, games, characters, Tunesville, Croc Roc Cafe, including the lighthouse which Captain Rudy of the Tunesville fire department runs.


5.)  Music: soundtrack, videos and singles that I have discussed this with the music industry and the tech’s to bring the old back into the old. We can do this by making singles like the old 45′s and 331/3. Just like when we’re kids it made for collecting and trading,  this can be developed in hard copies as well as in virtual reality.

The CD disks can be in cool see through colors with different label styles in the middle, numbered and dated ( just like the old records.)  I have the lyrics to “Red Boogie Shoes” (his first comeback song); “Rockin Under a Crooked Moon” (his second) and then a piano piece that I wrote entitled “Winds of Autumn”.  I also have one of the lyrics written that helped make him a Legend “Stepin into the Night” (we may need two more from his past).  These will all go into the Legend story soundtrack entitled “Colours on Canvas”.


6).  We need to hire the right group of techs, producers, artists, writers among others that have interests in not only the future and music but, who will keep the vision and the foresight to think outside the box.


7).  The industry is always changing especially in the Tech field. The App icons may be out within the next year and be replaced by virtual streaming. But, until then we need to develop games and other educational challenging apps that will bring in revenue.


“Red Boogie Shoes”

(3 min. sizzle reel synopsis)

The scene begins with Croc Roc sitting at the piano on stage in the Croc Roc Cafe where he has been reflecting back on his music career and how he became such a force in the music industry.  He has been looking out the double glass French doors where the kids, Bubba and Surf are watching JoJo ride his first wave of the day.  They have all been trying their best, in many ways to get Croc Roc back into making music again.  (This is where in the “Croc Roc, The Life, The Legend, The Rock “n” Roll” begins/ends with his life story.)  As you pan in from the beach, it is a beautiful Panoramic view of Tunesville and the Croc Roc Cafe, looking through the windows of  French doors you move on into the Croc Roc Cafe, the inside has rustic wooden floors and cathedral ceilings,  there are artifacts/pictures on the walls from Croc Roc’s tours along with other legends in the music industry.  Croc Roc is sitting at the piano working on a tune that he has had in the back of his mind for quite some time. Surf was the first to hear the thunderous notes emanating from the Cafe as his floppy ears pop up, he begins bouncing along following the notes through the sand up to the front door of the Cafe, slipping and sliding across the wooden floor where he lands beside Croc Roc’s piano bench, panting with his tail wagging and his tongue slurping across his face, he enjoys watching the magic of Croc Roc pounding out some killer licks on those old ivories and singing what sounds like a new tune, Croc Roc has been very silent in making any new music until now.  As JoJo walks in from catching his wave, they all turn to see sand flying through the air as Surf rounds around the corner into the Cafe door where the sounds bring smiles to their faces, knowing that is Croc Roc finally, at the piano.  Bubba and the kids rush up to the French glass doors peering in as Bubba opens them up to the sounds of good vibrations in the air.  The kids saunter up to the stage and grab their instruments JoJo on lead guitar (back up singing) Woody saxophone ( back up singing) Lela May sings (plays organ, cello, and tambourine) Molly sings (rhythm guitar, bass, and piano) as Bubba sits in the front audience table.  In a quick quite motion a guest appears and sits in on the drums. Croc Roc hasn’t lost a beat as he looks over the stage with a smile of approval and a nod to the drummer, who is a legendary musician and friend. Croc yells out how do you like this new Rockin tune, I call it “Red Boogie Shoes!”


“The Legend is Back”

Croc Roc’s  (1st comeback song)


Red Boogie shoes

Stepin out in your red boogie shoes where we’re goin downtown to check out the rockin news takin it inside where the ensemble of blue city suite plays a spooky tutti chord within the inner roots of harmony musings

You know how to play me

You know how soothe me

You know how to move me

in your red boogie shoes

Rockin and rolling remembering times when we were young as moonbeams catch your eyes like a rocket in the sky to the midnight beat around the clock with dancin shadows in the moonlight rockin so high boppin along the riverside where the house has no end and no beginning

Shaken the keys

Strumming the strings

Sax chasing the notes while

toes are a tapping with those red boogie shoes all night long


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