Elusive Notes of Christmas


Croc Roc was in Tunesville chasing notes on the piano at the Croc Roc Cafe gigging with the kids and the Notes have Eyes group when he notices Viola seemed a little sullen with a tear in her eye.

Croc asks her why are you so sad?  I have been taking notice of a little homeless boy who sings with the voice of an angle who I have been trying to speak with but, I can only catch a glimpse, as he is very elusive almost ghost like, do you think we could try and search him out? That is when Lela May burst out with a gleam in her eye stating we will find him as she gathers the others around to make a plan to find the “Elusive Notes of Christmas”.

As the kids lite out to search for the ghost kid of Tunesville, Croc Roc and the others also begin a search of their own along with help of Captain Rudy (Chief of the Tunesville Fire Dept.)

With Lela May in the lead and Molly by her side they go one way as JoJo and Woodie head in the other direction. Lela May is determined to find the little boy to help him with her show.  Molly can see how this will make a great Christmas story.  At the same time JoJo can relate to the little guy because of his challenging childhood so it is behooves JoJo to bring him into the Croc Roc group, with Christmas so close he wants to either find his family or give him a home amongst their fold.


As JoJo and Woodie enter Island park unbeknownst to Lela May and Molly have entered from the other side of the park.  Suddenly, the boys hear this beautiful noise of notes reverberating in the wind and as they approach the area where the sound is coming from there is a rustling in and around the bushes and trees as two eyes peek through, then two voices yell from behind them “what you doing”, they jump back and turn around staring at the girls, startling them as they put their finger to lips, shushing and pointing towards the bushes at which time the girls begin to tip toe around the boys to see those piercing eyes, then in a blink of an eye they were gone.


With a surprise look on each others faces they begin to rush through and around the bushes catching a glimpse of the young boy running towards the lake then vanish under the bridge, the kids were close behind and when they caught up and looked around, not a sign of him anywhere.


As the kids begin their walk back and out of the park they meet up with Croc Roc and the others and begin to explain what happened.  Croc is looking a bit perplexed when comes up with an idea that might bring the little guy out in the open.


So, Croc asks the kids and the Notes group to bring their instruments over to the park and they begin to play the song the young boy was singing. After a time of playing the song they begin to hear a humming and then singing. Just as they look over to see him he realizes he is out in the open and then to runs right into Bubba’s arms, holding on for dear life.


The youngster was struggling with emotion until JoJo came over and said. “Hey lil dude it is alright we just want to be here for you, he was wearing old torn and dirty close with shoes badly hanging on his feet.


JoJo said we can go over to Croc’s place you get have something to eat and you can wear some my new “Kabuki Surf” wear. This seemed calm him down, JoJo introduced him to everyone and they went strolling over to the cafe, talking up a storm, it looked to Croc like the little guy just needed someone to show a little love and kindness.


Once inside they fed him and begin to slowly discuss his situation and found out his name is “Sherman”.  So while is eating, Lela May and Molly head out to JoJo and Woodies Kabuki stand and find some clothes for him.


As they learn more about him and his home and family, they find he was given up as a baby and was never adopted living in foster homes until he was old enough to run away on his own from the system. He has never known who his parents were, at this point in time at the age of 8 it really isn’t of importance.


Once the girls return with the clothes JoJo and Woodie take Sherman out to the showers to clean up, after which the boy’s return with a new and improved look for him as a cheerful tear forms around his eyes he had never known such giving, the girls give a whistle, Croc, Bubba and Captain Rudy give him a smile and a big hug.


It was a little later when Croc Roc and the rest of the group begin playing at the piano and picking out the tune Sherman had been singing.  That is when Sherman stepped up to the microphone and begin to sing a soulful version of the Jr Parker/Al Green version of “Take me to the River” giving everyone a wake up that  the little blond and blue eyed young boy has some real soul running through his veins.


After the gig was over Lela May ask Sherman where he learned such a soulful sound, as far as he know his mother was a mix of black/American Indian and his father was a mix of Scandinavian/European, he believes he must have heard or vaguely remembers his mother singing it before he was given to foster care.


Later on while the kids are out on the beach playing is when Croc asks Captain Rudy to look into Sherman history and see what he can find out about his life history. Meanwhile JoJo says that he contacted his grandma and he can stay with them until we find out other options, Sherman had walks in just at that time with the girls and they asked him if that would be good idea, with a big smile on his face he said “yes!”


That is when they all went over to the stage and Croc introduced Sherman to the “Notes have Eyes” group and especially, to Viola at which time Croc explains that it was Viola that alerted them to seek you out. Sherman walks over and gives her the biggest hug of all time.


The group begins to play and sing the Phil Spector produced, Darlene Love version of “Baby please come home” with Lela May belting out the main voice and the others backing her up and rocking out to a “Merry Christmas”


Croc Roc exclaims.”Believe in the sounds of Christmas where the beat of a blessing is always with you!

Too everyone, and our new friend Sherman, Merry Christmas and Happy Kabuki New Year!”



Written by: Chuck Wood

Chuck Wood

Croc Roc / CrocRoc Academy of Arts & Sciences

310 N. Westlake Blvd., #260Westlake Village, Ca  91362

(818) 597-8832